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Sunny September Photos for Cold December Days

It is not September anymore but I came across some photos I thought I had posted on here. I didn’t then so I will now, because I like these photos.

Angel took this photo, it shows how nice it was that day.

I hope these warm you up.

Fall Bicycle Ride Video

Yesterday Angel and I went on a nice ride yesterday during the warmer weather. We rode along the bicycle paths in Alton Baker Park.

Here are a couple other videos from earlier this year I haven’t posted.
Summertime ride similar to this last one.

From our bicycle tour in August.

This is a video from our very first day after we moved Eugene, it was in my first blog post.

Review: Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand

Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand frount view

4 months ago I bought the Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand from Velo Orange, in hopes of using it on my Surly Long Haul Trucker. Despite my wishes, the stand didn’t work on the bike. There was nothing wrong with the stand itself or VO, it was Surly’s decision not to make the LHT kickstand capable (you can read more about Surly’s view of kick stand HERE). I knew this was going to happen so I had a back up. I would let my girlfriend use it on her bike. The kickstand that came on the Linus Mixte was a low quality, single leg kickstand that made the bike lean too far over, and would easily fall over when loading up panniers.

The Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand seemed like wonderful solution for that. I had chosen this stand over others mainly because it had adjustable legs, no need to cut them. It can be mounted onto bikes with a kickstand plate, or without (if the spacing is right). It comes with all the hardware to mounted the way you need it. The legs have large, rugged, plastic feet that can be unscrewed and adjusted to the length you need them to be. The plastic feet has a large foot print to help support it on softer ground. The legs spread down with a “scissor-action”, and when kicked up they lay on the non-drive side of the bike like most kickstands.

The kickstand makes for great help when loading up the bike with any weight, and keeping the bike from shifting too much. It’s always a help when loading the panniers. It is even helpful to keep for needlessly leaning your bike up against things that can scratch it, and stopping it from being knocked down in a bike rack. This kickstand also make for quick changing of both front and back tires. I used it that way a couple of days ago after the bike got a flat at U of O. The wheel was able to be off the ground just enough to get it out, and was stable enough to stay up with just the stand and one wheel. Great, quick way to do any small maintenance out and about with the bike.

The kickstand is made out of strong aluminum and and rugged plastic feet. The “scissor” spring is good and strong, but still easy to kick down and up. The only problem we have ever had with it is the mounting bolt has come lose a couple times while riding, so the pedal can just barely reach the very end of the kickstand while riding. It took us a while to figure out where the noise was coming from. This could easily be fixed with a little lock-tight on the threads. The kickstand is not as sleek or pretty as some others, but still has some design quality to it, making it look nice on any bike and getting the job done.

This is a great stand for all bikes, recreational, utility cyclist, commuters and even touring bikes could take advantage of this stand.The Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand is carried by Velo Orange and sold for $30.00

Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand rear view


Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand legs up

Science Factory

The other day while Angel and I were riding around we found the Science Factory. It’s a brightly colored children’s museum in Alton Baker Park, across from Autzen Stadium. We took some photos in front of the building.

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Linus Mixte 3speed

Surly Long Haul Trucker, The sun is always in my eyes

Linus Mixte 3speed

Target Missoni Bike(and other fashion BSO’s)

Target Missoni has been brought up so many times this past week that I had to find out what it was for myself. It’s a new collection that has come out from Target, including things for your home, clothing, luggage, as well as a few bikes.

While most box store bikes are pretty inexpensive, these bikes are in the $400 range. This is because of the designer label, not because the bikes are good quality. The item details on the bikes are very non-descriptive, like most cheap bike are, other then the Nexus 3Speed Coaster Brake Hub. This bike could be quite a strain for people to deal with, weighing in at 41.4 lbs. For comparison, my girlfriend’s Linus Mixte weighs 32 pounds and she sometimes talks about wanting something a little lighter. My Long Haul Trucker, a fully loaded touring bike, weighs about 36 pounds. Other less expensive bikes can easily weigh less than 30 pounds.

Here is a description of how to clean it from the site:

“•Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth”

I hope people realize the bike will need more “care and cleaning” than what a damp cloth will do. I don’t know how these bikes will really stand up to the test of time, like some old department store bikes have. These bikes will still fall prey to the troubles that other box store bikes do, like forks being put on backwards, and parts breaking after a week. People that are not into bikes always wonder why bikes from places other than big box stores can cost so much. It’s the quality of the parts. Regardless of the $399.00 price tag, it seems the bikes are pretty popular with their target market, selling out within a day of being released.  It’s hard to grasp why anyone would spend this much, when they could buy a better functioning bike for just about the same amount of money, even if it is a low-end model, from a real bicycle company. Another big reason for not buying from a big box store, is you can only get service from a real bike shop. If something breaks on these bikes, they can’t bring them back to Target and expect an associate to fix it, even something as simple as a flat tire. As far as I can tell, these are just fashionable BSO’s (bicycle shaped objects), that probably won’t get many miles put on them, but will look stylish in someone’s apartment.

Missoni Women's Comfort Bike - Copper or Black/White (28") - $399.00

Missoni Men's Comfort Bike - Black/White (28") - $399.00

Here are some other bikes that I share similar feelings about. Republic Bike  started out as cheap bike company that let you choose the color of all the parts you wanted, but that was all you could change.  A couple years ago they started producing bikes for Urban Outfitters.  I have seen bikes sitting on the floor there with cheap parts falling off of them.

Urban Outfitters has bikes from Republic Bike

Republic Bikes from Urban Outfitters - $399.00

Crate & Barrel also have a Republic Bike with CB2.

Abuelo 3-speed men's bike - $499.00

There are plenty of other bikes out there that are fashionable and of much better quality for reasonable prices, that will give you much more bang for your buck. These are bikes you can get from a real bike shop, with real service and warranties, for around the same cost:

Electra Bikes

Electra Bikes Amsterdam Original 3i

Linus Bikes

Linus Bikes Dutchi 3speed

Public Bikes

Public Bike C3

Bikes like these have a much more classic style and functionality behind them, being modeled mostly off of French and Dutch bikes that have been around for decades.

Bicycle Silk Screen Prints

Here are some bike related silk screen prints I had done last year in June, and one in October. I would like to do more prints like these soon.

Green Dutch Bike

Green Dutch Bike(7 color silk screen print 6/10)

Red Mixte Bike

Red Mixte Bike(9 color silk screen print 10/10)

Scanned in and stitched together with the help of my brother.

More photos

Here are some more photos from the past couple days. Had a lot of good days, and photos to go along with them.
From a bike ride up to Skinner’s Butte

From outside of UofO on our bike registration trip.

Angel and I

Taking some photos by the river

A nice man on a tall bike rode by us on a walk

Buzz-sawing a cup

Eating sour patch kids

We made wonderful Boca burgers and corn

New Pedals for the Linus

The Pedals on Angels Linus have been feeling really grainy, I replaced them with some MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals I have had laying around for a couple years now. I never really got any use out of them my self. Angel seems to like the MKS more than the old ones because they grip her shoes better. They rotate more smoothly than the old ones as well.

The old original pedals from Angels Linus Mixte


The MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals


Random photos

My UBI classmates


Riverbank Path


Angel and her pie from Sweet Life


21mile Blackberry Bramble Ride



First Post

First day in Eugene, had a wonderful day bike ride with my girlfriend. We rode from our house, along the Amazon Creek bike path Fern Ridge Bike Path, out to the end at Meadowlark Prairie. We later rode to University of Oregon and back to Amazon Park to watch some bike polo.

Nice day out.



Here is a video edited by Angel.

Eugene First Bike Ride from Austin McKimmey on Vimeo.