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A Prairie Home Companion in Eugene

A Prairie Home Companion came to the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene this weekend (Saturday June 6th). If you don’t know what PHC is, it’s an old time radio show hosted by Garrison Keillor. The show features funny segments like The News From Lake Wobegon (Keillor’s fictional home town), stories of Guy Noir (private detective), other great stories, live music, and guests. This weekend’s show featured guest musicians Elvin Bishop and Sam Bush, along with the Portland Cello Project. It was a great show with clear 82° weather; we got a lot of sun.

There were some cycling related jokes in this episode. It turns out Guy Noir is called to Eugene to help organize a “Naked Motorcade” to show that motorists are vulnerable too.
Here is the script, and MP3 of this segment.

You can listen to the full episode right here, MP3, show details here.

Here are some photos from our day.
A Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keillor in a white suit.
82° not a cloud in the sky.
Burning Legs A Prairie Home Companion Ending
CAT Hard workers at the bike valet

Also here are some videos from the episode.

Apprenticeships May Solve Skills Gap; From NPR

Here is a good article from NPR I heard this morning called Apprenticeships May Solve Skills Gap, Spark Economy. It talks about how apprenticeships might be a good addition to acquire skills for a career you would like to pursue. But here in the U.S. we have not been learning skill this way for a while now. I have thought about this ever since high school. I think there should be more than just going to a 4 year university to get your skill set for the career you would like to go into. I personally would like an apprenticeship, I am a “tacit” learner as Tim Brown is saying in the article, I easily learn skills visually and hands on, and would do better learning this way than I might other ways. Technical/Specialty schools (like UBI) fill the need for more hands on learning but more employers should think about apprenticeships before turning down an applicant that might not yet have the higher education they are looking for.


Read Full story here at NPR, Apprenticeships May Solve Skills Gap, Spark Economy