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More Random Photos

Some photos

A nice clean red Schwinn Continental, reminds me of my old bike


Team Buddha



We got cards for the Eugene Public Library, it’s a wonderful place probably the best library I have been to. It’s a lot of fun, large selection of everything. Great audio book choices.



Here are some of our books from the first trip there.


Went on a great trip to grocery store, filled up the trailer


I Love My Klean Kanteen

I added a new water bottle to my collection. Picked up a 18oz Kanteen Classic as a second bottle for my bike. I love these, I also have a 27oz Classic as my all around bottle and bike. A 20oz Kanteen Wide Insulated, this is the best thermos ever. Keeps smoothies perfect all day long. Angel also has a yellow 18oz Kanteen Classic. We are both super happy with these bottles. They are made out of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, if it’s not steel it’s not real. Completely BPA FREE, even the lids. If you want no plastic you can even get an all metal lid. The come in lots of colors and sizes from a 12oz with a sippy lid to a 64oz wide mouth and lots of lid options. If you are ever looking for a new bottle get a Klean Kanteen.


Elephant Garlic Bread

I picked up some elephant garlic the other day at the store to make some great garlic bread with a loaf ciabatta. I roasted 1 clove in foil for just over half an hour. The clove became super soft. After that I put olive oil on the bread, and cut into the clove. The knife cut through it smoothly like I was cutting warm butter. I spread it on top of the ciabatta and sprinkled a little salt over the top. I put it under the broiler for just under 5 minutes, and it was perfect.

Three large cloves to each bulb.


The cloves are larger then most entire bulbs of garlic.


The garlic just baked in the foil in its juices and was perfect.


The bread was perfectly toasted on the top.


The meal was perfect. Yes, all I ate was the garlic bread. It had a really good taste to it, not a strong garlic flavor.

New Pedals for the Linus

The Pedals on Angels Linus have been feeling really grainy, I replaced them with some MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals I have had laying around for a couple years now. I never really got any use out of them my self. Angel seems to like the MKS more than the old ones because they grip her shoes better. They rotate more smoothly than the old ones as well.

The old original pedals from Angels Linus Mixte


The MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals


Cool New Video from the BTA

I wish then video wasn’t so Portland centric but that seems to be the way the BTA is heading these days. None the less, it’s still a really nice video. There are a lot of good lines in there. Reminds me of the People for Bikes; “If I Ride” video. Both having a poem read along to the video. I enjoy bike videos like these a lot.

The Sun and Robin Hood

We went for a short ride today to pick up an order from REI. Then we just explored around the river front.

Down on the bike path along the river there are planets set up along the path.



We also came across these streets today.



Random photos

My UBI classmates


Riverbank Path


Angel and her pie from Sweet Life


21mile Blackberry Bramble Ride