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Video: Stop Motion Bicycle Build

I saw this video over on The Lazy Rando Blog. Though I don’t mountain bike I think this an awesome stop motion video of a bicycle build, so I had to post it.

More about the video on Binary, & the bike in the video, Transition TR250.

PSA: “Sonic Sez” to Check Your Bike

Don’t let your bicycle fall in disrepair like Grounder and Scratch. Check your bike over before every ride and keep it well maintained like our good friends Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower.

Here is a great resource for bicycle safety checks and other information at League of American Bicyclists. – Thanks Shane of Eugene Safe Routes to School for the link!

PSA from the 1993 TV series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Volkswagen, PeopleforBikes, Star Wars, Dogs

PeopleforBikes sponsorship with VolkswagenCars and bikes sometimes don’t get along that well, but car companies and bikes get along really well together. From sponsorships of race teams, to recently a couple different companies have featured bikes in their ads. Today Volkswagen of America announced the beginning of its 2 year sponsorship of Peopleforbikes.org, which is a good step in the right direction for all.

More about the sponsorship with Volkswagen and People for Bikes. Read it Here

Maybe this will also bring some inspiration from Deutsch, the advertising group that brought us the Star Wars themed Volkswagen at *Supper Bowl ad. This year they will be featuring a new ad with the same theme, and have released a teaser for it.

Volkswagen 2012 “The Bark Side” Teaser for upcomming *Supper Bowl Commercial.

Volkswagen 2011 “The Force” Commercial from last years *Supper Bowl.

*Due to trademarking you can figure out what the *Supper Bowl is.

Mitsubishi and Anytown, USA in Normal, IL?

Mitsubishi MiEVI like the idea of electric cars, and building them in the heartland of Illinois is great (my home state), but this Mitsubishi’s ad campaign gives Normal, IL an odd feel to me. They’re  trying to sell it as small, rural, town America or “Anytown, USA” (a quote in the ad), to promote for their new “i” electric vehicle or MiVE. They show images of corn/soybean fields, small barbershops, quiet neighborhoods and old movie theater. That is not what I know or think of, when I think of Normal.

The MiVE has a MPGe/Range of 112mile, the longest right now for any full electric. This rear-wheel-drive electric vehicle will retail for $29,125 – $31,125.

Back to the ad: Yes, Illinois, outside of the Chicago Metropolitan Area (CMA), has lots of corn/soybean fields, small shops, quiet neighborhoods and some old movie theaters. But Normal is way more than that. I grew up 30 miles away from there, and have spent lots of time in Normal.

Bloomington-NormalNormal might have a population of 52,500(7th largest populations outside the CMA), but that doesn’t count the 20,000+ students attending the oldest public university in the state each year, Illinois State University (ISU). That movie theater in the video is located on the newly redesigned downtown area oddly renamed as “Uptown Normal” and is right next to the more lively ISU campus. Along with that there is Bloomington, IL, Normal’s sister city, usually referred to as Bloomington-Normal together. Bloomington has a population of  76,610(5th largest populations outside the CMA). It is hard to tell were one city starts and the other stops. There are other large companies located there other than Mitsubishi. State Farm and Country Financial, and ISU employ loads of people. Not to mention all the car dealerships, shopping, restaurants, and other manufacturing that are located there.

Other than the misleading about Normal being a small town, I actually really like this video, and efficient vehicles. I like when companies refer back to places where I grew up and know well, it works for me, even if some of the information is not all there.

Bikes are even used in the car industry. In the Mitsubishi Normal, IL photo gallery you can see these two Worksman Cycles in action on the factory floor.
From Mitsubishi Normal IL photo gallery
From Mitsubishi Normal IL photo gallery

“Shit Cyclists Say” Video

PeopleForBikes.org has made a “Shit Cyclists Say” video, inspired by the popular “Shit Girls Say” videos and all the videos that followed from it. This video is more roadie specific, but should still be funny to most cyclists. I hope someone comes out with a video for, bike commuters, touring cyclist, cargo bike, etc. As long as they are cyclist related I’m sure they will be funny.

There is also a “Shit Mountain Bikers Say” by IHTtwo.

Thumbs Up

There is a clip from the “Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!” video featured in a new commercial for Google Chrome. The commercial “Make It Happen” shows videos of “to-do’s” and other  teaching videos from YouTube(owned by Google). In the very last clip (at 50sec) you see the kid who just learned to ride his bicycle say “Thumbs Up Everybody, Rock and Roll!” as he is giving the thumbs up, then 2 peace signs, high in the air.

This is a great video that is inspirational to all especially for young kids trying to learn to ride their bike. Showing the excitement of one kid after he first learned to ride his bike by himself.

GM Reality Sucks Bike Ad, Giant Has Their Own

Recently GM had placed this add in many college newspapers across the country and has taken a lot of flack for it. The ad depicts an embarrassed young man on a bicycle covering his face from an attractive female sitting comfortably in a GM car. With the Quote “Stop pedaling… start driving.” at the bottom. GM has decided to pull the ad and they are apologizing for their offensive ad. (via there Twitter)

GM "Reality Sucks Ad"

GM "Reality Sucks Ad"

Giant Bicycles has recently released a more truthful ad as a follow up to GM’s misstep.

Giant Reality Does Suck

Giant Reality Does Suck

Funny Toyota Venza Commercial, Updated

I was watching TV tonight and there was a pretty funny commercial on. Toyota’s commercial for the 2011 Venza. The Commercial is about a teenage girl talking about how adults are anti-social. Meanwhile the parents are mountain biking with friends, and she is sitting on Facebook like most young people. There seems to be a lot more bikes in car commercials within the last couple years.

Here’s another Toyota Venza commercial with the same girl talking about how old her parents are.