Elephant Garlic Bread

I picked up some elephant garlic the other day at the store to make some great garlic bread with a loaf ciabatta. I roasted 1 clove in foil for just over half an hour. The clove became super soft. After that I put olive oil on the bread, and cut into the clove. The knife cut through it smoothly like I was cutting warm butter. I spread it on top of the ciabatta and sprinkled a little salt over the top. I put it under the broiler for just under 5 minutes, and it was perfect.

Three large cloves to each bulb.


The cloves are larger then most entire bulbs of garlic.


The garlic just baked in the foil in its juices and was perfect.


The bread was perfectly toasted on the top.


The meal was perfect. Yes, all I ate was the garlic bread. It had a really good taste to it, not a strong garlic flavor.

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