From Videos to Here

Before I moved to Eugene, before I even thought of moving to Oregon, before I really knew Angel. Back around February of 2008 I came across this video, and loved it. I remember how good I thought it was. The video was a prequel to newer bike videos like the Roll on, Oregon video from the BTA, and the If I Ride Video from People for Bikes. These videos just make you feel happy watching them.

I came across this video yesterday again, while looking through old files of mine. Shortly after starting the video I realized that the background was Eugene, OR. That this whole video was shot here, in Eugene, where I ended up moving 3 years later. From a video I loved and enjoyed watching, to the new city I love and enjoy living in. It’s a happy thought to know that I moved here to a place I can see my self being for a long time.

The music. Not only that but yesterday we rode by Viva Vegetarian Grill and the guys from Explosions In The Sky eating there. We didn’t learn till later that it was them but we saw them. And almost stopped for ice-cream but didn’t.

I will continue posting some more old videos that I used to really like.

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