Travel Alder St Cycle Track in Minutes

Have you ever needed to travel up and back on the new Alder Street Cycle Track, in under 5 minutes? Well I actually can’t help you with that, but you can view its entirety of the cycle track right now from your computer. The other day I rode North and South bound lanes of the Alder Street Cycle Track in Eugene, Oregon, recording it with my new camera so more people can see it who haven’t been able to make it to the street yet, just don’t ride in that area, or are not from Eugene and can see what this cycle track looks like. This is a great way to view  it, or show it off and brag “my city has a cycle track and bicycle only traffic signals“. When I went out to film this ride; the streets were pretty empty due to students being home for the holidays, and because it was right before the 2012 Rose Bowl (the Ducks Won!) Normally this area is full of students riding, driving, and walking to and from the University of Oregon campus.

This is the first cycle track here in Eugene featuring: one way car traffic (South bound only), North and South bound bike lanes on one side of the road, painted buffer zone separating the car lane from the bikes, green painted intersections to denote “car and bike caution crossing zone”, green painted bike boxes for south bound lanes, bicycle only traffic signals, and center lane car parking between 12th and 13th.

Sorry for any added shakiness, speeding a 6min ride one way into about 2min adds some extra bumps along the way. Enjoy the videos and feel free to share them to show the new cycling infrastructure here in Eugene, OR.

North bound starting at Alder/19th ending at Alder/Franklin Blvd.

South bound tarting at Alder/Franklin Blvd ending at Alder/19th.

Read more about Eugene’s First Bike Only Traffic Signal

6 responses to “Travel Alder St Cycle Track in Minutes

  1. Cool. It’d be fun if you could do this again after school starts — to see the difference in the amount of bike traffic.

  2. So fun as a UO alum to see the route I rode every day in the 1980s! Can you give this video to the Alumni Office to show us all how great the new bike route is? Thanks for taking the time and initiative to make this video.

  3. How about the new extension of the path under Beltline? Haven’t gotten out there myself yet.
    Liking the videos and the frequent posts.

    • I’m not quite sure where the extensions to the path are there, I have rarely been around there. If you send me a link or explain where it is I would certainly try. I need to head to that area in the next couple days/next week by the latest depending on if the weather holds up well.

      Thanks, Angel and I enjoy making videos, I did shoot and edit these 2 by myself for the first time. 🙂

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