Review: Novara Arosa Bike Gloves

I got a pair of Novara Arosa Bike Gloves at the REI Year-End Garage Sale. The gloves MSRP at $29.50. I already have colder weather gloves, the Novara Stratos, but I wanted some suited for cool/dry weather wearing. They are built very similarly to the Stratos gloves. They have synthetic leather palms with nice grip, and a small amount of padding, with added grip on the finger tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers, to allow added grip on brake levers. These are cool weather gloves, so they won’t cut the wind, or repel water, like the Stratos but they are extremely breathable. There are large reflective accents across the whole back, and a nice amount of fleece on the outer part of the thumb for wiping your face. The cuff allows for a good fit, with no bulk or hassle with straps. They have a pull tab to help fit them on and elastic cuffs. They fit very nicely. These are size XL, the same size as the Stratos I own. I think these are great gloves and I am happy I got them. If you are looking for excellent cool and dry weather gloves, you won’t go wrong with these.
Novara Arosa Bike GlovesDisclaimer: I bought these at the REI Year-End Garage Sale so I got a  great deal on them, and paid a sale price of $9.83. I would still be willing to pay full price for them. The reason for return on them was “not warm enough”. They might not have realized they are cool/dry weather glove, and they are fine for me, and do what they advertise.  If you need gloves warmer than this, think about the Stratos.

7 responses to “Review: Novara Arosa Bike Gloves

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  2. I like that they have the fingertips that work on phone touchscreens. they are having another scratch/dent sale at then end of Jan!!

  3. what do you recommend for a wet/cold weather glove? my trusty fox thermal paws are dying…


    • Novara Stratos Gloves are the other set of winter cycling gloves I have right now. They are great as a wet/cold weather glove, just yesterday we went hiking up a snowy butte climbing on rocks with them and even had a snowball fight. Angel(who also uses the same gloves) and I never felt the cold or any of the melted snow with these gloves. They might be a bit bulkier then most Fox brand gloves, but they are great.

      Review: Novara Stratos Gloves

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