First Snow in Eugene, Photos & Videos

Today(1-15-12) was the first day it snowed in Eugene, Oregon this season. It didn’t snow much, some heavy flurries, but nothing that sticks. Angel and I walked around a bit and took some nice photos and videos of the day. I wish I could have gotten up in the hills where it looked like it was frosted over, and might have stuck to the ground a little more.

Bike Heart Sticker Greenery
On the Fence Bamboo
Upturned Leaf Boat Green Army

Short Video I took during the first snow fall.

Time-Lapse Video of the snow fall.

3 responses to “First Snow in Eugene, Photos & Videos

  1. I like the time lapse video. What camera/software were you using?

    • I just use my GoPro Hero, it has a Time-Lapse photography feature, that lets you take photos every 2, 3, 15, 30, 60sec. Then I used iMovie to put it all together. It’s all pretty simple to use.

  2. it’s only a mile into the hills! a little elev. gain makes a big difference in Eug. when it comes to snow level. Go up Willamette and right on Crest. Morse Ranch Park is a great place for a bike picnic!

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