New Friends Ride

Yesterday was a bike group bike ride organized by Eugene Bicyclist. It was a great ride even though there was some rain. There were 16 people who showed up, plus 6 kids in tow. We had a great ride around the bike paths around the Willamette River. It was about a 10 mile ride from EWEB Plaza, to the Autzen Footbridge past the Delta Ponds, then on to Ninkasi Brewing for drinks, where we had a nice time talking. It was great to meet all these people and make new friends.

Thank you to all who came. It was a wonderful time; hopefully we can have another meet up.

All the photos are also on my Flickr.

A little distorted post ride panorama.

More photos from others there
Eugene Bicyclist – Post: A little rain never hurt anyone

We made a nice video of the time. Sadly I forgot my GoPro at home, but Angel still got some good footage. Enjoy.

Special thanks to fellow bloggers:
Eugene Bicyclist
Eugene Doom Bike
And businesses:
Ninkasi Brewing for being so kind after the ride.
GreenCycle Services for joining us on our ride.

3 responses to “New Friends Ride

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  2. Great Video, sadly I missed, but it looked like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. Wow, that’s a great video–well edited, with great music, and a terrific “climax.” Thanks. I, too, missed attending the ride. I hope you do it again, so maybe Lucy and I can join you!!


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