iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S, side

Like many others today, I received my iPhone 4s. I plan on trying out and reviewing a lot of the Bike Computer/GPS apps that you can get for the iPhone. Along with some different bike mounts/cases. This will hopefully good comparison of what bike apps for the iPhone, to help people chose the one that is right for their needs.

With all these Apps and accessories you can get the iPhone is a perfect choice for cyclists. This phone has great GPS/Mapping capabilities, battery life, and a great 8mp camera with 1080p video. It would be great to do everything on bike tours.

I have enjoyed the phone so far. Just waiting to get some cases to feel safer using it on the bike before starting the reviews. Here are the first videos I took with the iPhone when I was riding along the river on the bike path.

iPhone 4S Video – Caterpillar Footage

iPhone 4S Video – Caterpillar Footage 2

2 responses to “iPhone 4S

  1. best wait for a really secure mount for it. I was testing one a year ago just after I got the iPhone 4 and well I had to get a second iPhone 4 shortly after. The mount was not secure and I lost the phone of the handle bar on a ride. shattered on impact with road. not pretty. am delighted with new mount from digifit. really secure and rugged.
    where will the reviews appear? I am interested in updates on mapping apps for planning route to be run on iPhone later especially problems with setup of map and transfer to iphone issues.

  2. keep me posted

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