Yehuda Moon, Kickstand to Kickstarter

Yehuda Moon on Kickstarter

Yehuda Moon & Kickstand Comics is a great comic started by Rick Smith. The comic is about life around the Kickstand Cyclery.  The comic has been around since 2008; in that time it has grown to many more characters, story lines, another contributor (Brian Griggs), and even being published in Bicycle Times Magazine. Sadly, in September of 2011, the comic came to a halt. You can read Rick’s reasoning yourself on the Yehuda Moon site. It is still a little unclear what Rick plans to do in the long run. We all wish he might still continue, even if it is more infrequent (the comic was updated every day!), but just today it seems he has decided to public the last 3 volumes of the series (Volume 2, 3, and 4) with the helpful backing of Kickstarter. You can purchase Volume 1 in the store directly. If you have enjoyed these comics, this is a great way to show it, and have it forever. I know we all wish Rick well, and hope to maybe see something again in the future.

More about the Yehuda Moon and Kickstarter HERE

Signed drawing of Yehuda, and charred piece of the origanal Kickstand

Signed drawing of Yehuda, and charred piece of the origanal Kickstand

If you haven’t heard of Yehuda Moon you can still get started reading them, They are all online still, here is a link to the first strip. Yehuda Moon 01-22-2008

Yehuda Moon 01-22-2008

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